Amsterdam’s Pitou melds pop and classical in “Big Tear” [Video]

Blending dreamy pop with classical instrumentalisation, Pitou unveils the stunning “Big Tear.” Offering a poetic narrative unlike any other, she delivers a vast array of vocal styles, blessing listeners with tasteful melodies and tantalizing harmonies that create a truly unique kaleidoscope of sound.

“Big Tear,” showcases Pitou’s ability to break boundaries and offer fearless insight like no other. She explains, “I tend to write songs that serve a personal purpose. A bit of hopefulness or light that I need, a reminder of something I should give more attention, a guideline for how I’d want to live my life, or just the processing of something that’s happened.”

Collating her compelling narrative with a hypnotic rhythm and an irresistible vocal layering, “Big Tear” resembles a tranquil insight into the power of storytelling. Pitou continues, “This went well with the lyrics, a formative childhood memory translated into a fable.” Needless to say, the Amsterdam-born singer and songwriter is carving out her own style and musical persona like no other.

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