Andrea returns with sonic sass in her latest offering “Mario”

In a genre-unifying blend of pop, Latin, and R&B, Andrea’s repertoire continues to exceed new heights and bring her unique voice to the ears of budding fans everywhere. As she returns to the scene with her new single “Mario,” we’re reminded of her unique ability to bring a cutting sonic-edge to her simply addictive musical persona.

“Mario” is a tune out there for those who dare to try. Known for her sass and likening success, it comes as no surprise that her next offering packs the perfect punch. Andrea explains, “Mario is the result of having a confident day and wanting to save that energy for forever in a track.”

With the nostalgia of the notable Mario coin sound comes a pumping 808 bassline, soaring melodies and Andrea’s enthralling vocal energy. Her daring approaches and ability to break the mould made this next single soar with the courageous energy and likening emotion Andrea ignites. She continues, “Mario started as a joke. Using the coin sound made me think it would be funny to be confident like certain rappers who brag about having an abundance of money. It’s ironic because I’m still broke. The whole song is about capturing an attitude.”

Whether it’s the relatability of her lyricism, or choruses that provide the perfect pick-me-up that have listeners addicted to her sound, Andrea is certainly onto something huge. As she delves into romantic cliches with an unparalleled amount of sass, we’re reminded of her unique ability to bring narratives to life. Igniting her passion for music and mood alike, she evokes the perfect level of  feel-good into a simply extraordinary anthem.

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