Andrew Smith shines in honest indie pop anthem "Magic Mess"

New York based indie-pop artist Andrew Smith just released his new single “Magic Mess.” The artist, who is known for offering heartfelt and vulnerable lyricism, finds inspiration through his deep reflections on love, life, purpose, coming of age, and being a queer man through this dazzling new single.

In “Magic Mess,” Smith looks inward to find himself again during an age flooded with high expectations and subsequent burn-out. The single is about re-discovering yourself and finding your true purpose, as well as celebrating the friends and peers that accept you for who you are. Smith confides, “I had so many beautiful people cheering for me as I fell on my face. They dusted me off again and again. This song is really about people who applaud you for being you. I’ve always been a very clean-cut person, and the song is also about leaning into your wrinkles, messing up your hair, choosing the t-shirt over the tie.” Featuring a contagious, anthem-like indie pop melody over bright synths and engaging lyrics, the song is as relatable as it is hopeful, reminding you that you are not alone, and you are perfect just the way you are.

Andrew Smith, originally from Boston, grew up performing in the theatre, writing short films, and later attended Berklee College of Music. His vast musical and performance background has led him to create complex and introspective piano-based songs that are influential and unabashedly honest. The songwriter confides, “Many of my songs are born of reflections I have about my life, or discoveries made in therapy, etc.”

Check out the singer-songwriter’s latest tune “Magic Mess” here and remember that your imperfections are what make you truly beautiful.

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