Andria Rose's 'Telenovela' is intimate and endearing dreampop gold

The silky and enriching alternative pop that Andria Rose creates is straight out of a dream.  The San Antonio-based songstress' love-drunk ballads blur the lines between reality and fiction, often incorporating woozy and blurred elements into her luxurious soundscapes of pure bliss.  Telenovela is made up exclusively of these transcendental gems, showcasing her ability to carry distinctive themes of love and loss over multiple tracks.

Intoxicating throughout, Andria Rose cultivates a very distinctive aura on this project.  Beginning with the sweet and sultry "State of Mind", Rose builds a world of glamour and allure that separates itself entirely from anything tangible.  The ethereal funk of the Mexicana singer's voice seeps into standout single "In the Abstract" as she explores the understated ups and downs of the relationship experience.  Every track on the project drifts between the real and the uncanny including the bouncy bilingual cut "Solita" that is rapturous in the most subtle way, with the steady guiding hand of Rose assuring the project never veers too far into the otherworldly.  The titular track "Telenovela" is a glittering sendoff for the lunar soundscape of dazed pop that perfectly encapsulates the themes of the project. 

Dreampop is a genre that sounds very unassuming at first listen but packs plenty of its' artists personality into individual projects.  That's what we're getting with Telenovela, a very intimate slice of Rose's creative psyche along with her likes and dislikes.  She's as much of an open book as she wants to be, and on the surprisingly complex and endearing project, the listener gets a fascinating glimpse into one of the newest stars of the genre. 

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