Angelnumber 8 has the "Last Laugh" with his latest single [Video]

Angelnumber 8 is an LA-based songwriter and model who has been gaining notoriety in creative circles for his eclectic musical style and close affiliation with Denim Tears, Stussy, and Yeezy. Since earlier this year, Angel has been prepping for the release of his debut album, Digital Tribal, on which he pulls equally from the music of his parents' native home of Liberia as well as from folk, dancehall, psych-rock, and electronic/ experimental music that is reminiscent of other subversive acts such as TV On The Radio and The Young Fathers.

Angel's latest release is the second single off of the upcoming Digital Tribal LP, entitled "Last Laugh" and is accompanied with a self-directed visual. 

The artful video starts off with Angel stumbling through a forest, removing layers and layers of designer clothing until he reaches a secluded church where he has a surreal dance encounter with the resident priest at the altar. It is a symbolic scene signifying Angel's rebirth through music and showcases the spiritual nature of the song with its rapturous hook and synth melodies.

Check out the video above and be sure to be on the look out for his debut album, Digital Tribal, when it is released in October.

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