Angst meets authenticity in Anie Delgado’s new EP ‘You Ruined Forever’

Cuban-American singer-songwriter Anie Delgado has returned to the scene with her highly anticipated EP offering, You Ruined Forever. Amongst the angst and anguish of her narratives, Delgado delivered unparalleled strength across her repertoire, and her latest release is no exception.

As she continues to carve out her own dreamy alt-pop sound, You Ruined Forever packs the perfect punch. Delgado confides, “The EP is called You Ruined Forever because when I broke up with this person, they shifted the narrative and made me the villain even though I left the relationship because it wasn’t healthy, due to infidelity and personal growth that was needed on his part.”

As Delgado’s repertoire grows, so do her narratives. Her captivating sonic abilities pair sublimely with her chronicles, she brings the sass and success we all know and love. She continues, “Although the EP has a lot of tones of resentment and nostalgia and clinging to the past, the journey of the EP is that these relationships are what make us. I felt the need to release this project because this relationship shaped my 20s and who I am as a person.”

With unwavering catharsis and simply admirable strength, You Ruined Forever makes for sublime listening. Delgado has delivered six exemplary examples of her creativity and unique flair.

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