Anjelica has us all thinking “Maybe It’s The Drugs” [Video]

Pop songstress Anjelica is making waves with her latest video release “Maybe It’s The Drugs.” The video is beautifully crafted from start to finish, with Anjelica as your city tour guide. Throughout the track her voice floats above a heavenly bed of music that brings a sultry and seductive sound to the table. The production of the video is on point with the track. It helps to tell Anjelica‘s story as she brings the listener on both an aural and visual journey.

With in-depth lyricism such as  “I wish I could explain the codes that I’m sent, language does not do them justice…I’m still trying to understand why they’re so clear in my conscience?” and  “Gets so deep in my head, feels like I’m crazy sometimes…”  Anjelica boldly compares her time spent in New York City to one long psychedelic trip. This is an event that has changed her perception of reality. The track is filled with swirling and electro-laced instrumentation as Anjelica dives deep into her journey…which will resonate with many. Her vocals echo throughout the song which show her impressive range and structure.

“Maybe It’s the Drugs” is the follow up to her epic single “Good Ones,” which dropped earlier this year. Deeply exploring the Dark-Pop genre, Anjelica writes and produces her own work that echo an intuitive sound prominently her own. Each project takes viewers through the reality of her mind, life, and experience while living in New York. The accompanying music video shows a transformation, artistically, and spiritually for Anjelica….and we are here for it.

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