Anna Margo is a “Bad Friend” to herself

Producer, pianist and singer Anna Margo shares an emotive slow burning single “Bad Friend”. The track is the first of the year from this new singer/songwriter whose debut single “Place” was released last year.

“Bad Friend” is a raw and candid autobiographical single all about struggling with mental health. Sometimes we all take more care of those around us instead of ourselves and with “Bad Friend”, Anna Margo explores the ways in which she contributes to her own sadness and puts others’ needs above her own. Reflective lyrics including, “And I lie and I lie to myself so I can sleep at night / And I try and I try and I try but it’s plain to see / I’m a bad I’m a bad I’m a bad, bad friend to me”, demonstrate that she is aware of the pattern and needs to change it. Musically, “Bad Friend” begins with a melodic guitar riff under Anna Margo’s R&B drenched layered vocals. Soulful warm harmonies ebb and flow over a seductive beat soon culminating into an intoxicating piano solo that is both delicate yet powerful.

Anna Margo was born and raised in Los Angeles to Armenian parents who left after the fall of the Soviet Union. Deeply entrenched in both the study of classical piano as well as vocals as a young child, Anna Margo continued her musical studies at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music as a teen. Her debut single “Place” garnered over a million streams and introduced the world to the talent that is Anna Margo. Take a listen to “Bad Friend” now and remember to prioritize yourself and your own mental health.

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