Anna Margo shares passionate new single “Something To Lose”

Los Angeles based emotive singer/songwriter and producer Anna Margo has just shared her latest single. Called “Something To Lose”, the track is the first of the year from this rising artist following last year’s release of singles “Bad Friend” and “Know You”.

With “Something To Lose”, Anna Margo crafts a song all about love, relationships and letting ourselves feel fully and uninhibitedly. The raw, heart-on-your-sleeve track also discusses putting one’s heart on the line and giving into the uncontrollable feelings of love and loss. Anna Margo sings, “I never fucking needed / someone to believe in me / but then you say you see it / that you see all the stars in me / and I know I gotta try it / I’m so sick of lying to myself”, admitting to herself and her loved one that she is ready to fall in love. Musically, “Something to Lose” enthralls with bossa nova inspired soundscapes, slow-burned dark pop vocals and climatic melodies. Anna Margo fuses pop, folk, rock and soul for a unique sonic offering.

Anna Margo is a rising songwriter. producer and multi-instrumentalist who studied at the famed Berklee College of Music. She is known for her cathartic songwriting, soaring vocals and effortless performance ability. With a handful of releases under her belt, we can’t wait to hear what is next from this exciting up-and-comer.

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