Anonymous duo Nrvs share their new potent single “Bad Taste”

Riotous, aggressive and foot-stompingly hardcore, anonymous duo Nrvs share their potent mix of bolshy, in-yer-face punk with the gritty single “Bad Taste”. Underscored with a hearty bassline that will hook you in instantaneously, this is a duo that are challenging the everyday ideas of what punk is supposed to be.

With thrashing drums and fuzzy guitar licks, “Bad Taste” is quintessentially new-age punk. Repetitive and rambunctious, the single rises to a frenzied chorus that will have you shouting “Bad Taste” at your Grandma. It’s a track that evokes emotion at the highest level and ignites a flame that perhaps you weren’t previously aware was inside of you. Heavily involved with the Extinction Rebellion movement, Nrvs are a duo with a high-energy sound that stands for something. And boy, are they showing it.

“We wanted to hear the sounds that aren’t being made,” the duo explain. “[With] production that feeds all that’s left of punk rock, into a sonic meat grinder to produce raw beats like an exquisitely choreographed high-speed car crash [and] lyrics that stalk a landscape of social dislocation and cloaked oppression: anxiety as a means of control; the dystopia of the ordinary.”

To be honest, imagine if IDLES and the Sex Pistols merged into one, and their riotous, aggressive sounds that also have moral value amalgamated into a new band. Well, Nrvs are that band and so much more. Listen on Soundcloud here.

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