Anthony Rother and Sync 24 go head to head on “Stellarator Hyperway”

Anthony Rother and Sync 24 go head-to-head for the new Cultivated Electronics EP, Stellarator Hyperway. After meeting at Rex and discovering each other’s love for electro, they decided to put together a split 12”; expect to be taken on a cosmic trip.

Rother’s opening track, “Stellarator” is a dreamy and rolling, with a heavy emphasis on all kinds of celestial soundscapes. Controlled, calculated, and classy, “Stellarator” is a top tier slice of electro, that at its peak reaches dizzying heights. Cue immediate trance-like states once the dancefloors reopen. This is followed by the “Plasma Mix,” which offers a beatless version of “Stellarator”. This deconstructed version is even more alien-esque than its predecessor, and keeps things wholly weird and wonderful; a beatless track has never sounded so interesting.

Sync 24’s “Hyperway” takes things to a darker, grittier dimension. Heavy breaks and a sharp influx of layered melodies and whirls make this one an intense ride from start to finish. Industrial level bass means this one isn’t for the faint hearted — but we can’t wait to hear what this sounds like coming out of a huge soundsystem. It offers a glimpse into the UK’s underground electro sound, and to be honest, things don’t get much better than this. The EP is rounded off with the added bonus of “Loop 1” and “Loop 2”. A must-have for all the electro heads out there, the contrasting sounds of Rother and Bolland give Stellarator Hyperway immense range, whilst complimenting each other delightfully.

Stellarator Hyperway can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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