Aonian shares his Mediterranean offering "Gathering"

Greece-born, London-based producer Aonian shares the third single from his forthcoming album. "Gathering" fuses an eclectic style of sounds, offering a myriad of contrasting depths and melodies to create a track that transports you to another time and space.

Layering intricate beats and Mediterranean instrumentation, "Gathering" is a hazy journey through culture. Sampling Epirotic polyphonic choirs in the background, the single loops a plethora of textures to entice you into a meditative state of mind. Floating through enticing textures, Aonian – the moniker of Alkis Livathinos – blends dance and electronica together to solidify his catalogue of feelgood tunes.

"The track ended up being called ‘Gathering’ because of the annual summer festivities and gatherings that mean so much to its people, communal moments that have been mostly frozen or altered due to the recent pandemic," explains Aonian. "The album works as a journey through various different cultural elements of Greece and its neighbouring countries, so it made sense to give emphasis to the region of Epirus with at least one track. I wanted to convey the awe of its nature in combination with the deeply rooted instrumental and choir music of its surrounding villages and communities."

Escorting us into a paradise of free-flowing sounds and elements, Aonian's Mediterranean additions apply a whimsical impact to the track. Easily getting lost within his dazzling sounds, his forthcoming debut album promises an abundance of crowd pleasers on its release later this month.

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