Are you ready to “Test The Water” with Co-Stanza?

After taking a couple months to step back and reflect, Co-Stanza is back and ready to “Test The Water.”

With so much going on in the world today, it can be hard to know what you should be doing. Is now the time to start something new…move to a new city, release new music, go to the grocery store? Sometimes you have to stop questioning everything for sanity’s sake and just start taking actionable steps. This is also how Co-Stanza has been approaching his music. 

Ever since moving from his hometown of Chicago he has made a vow to be uncomfortable, take a leap of faith, be adventurous, and in the process is influencing others to also live their best lives and “Test The Water” is an ode to exactly that. 

Produced by Peter Fenn the track bubbles with funky guitars, a bouncing bassline and energetic percussion. Co-Stanza’s voice dances perfectly on top, while hooking you with his chorus hoping you in fact “find out what’s at the bottom”. The track effortlessly grooves, while getting across its message of not taking everything so seriously and just having fun.

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