Ari Lennox is ride-or-die in her new single “Chocolate Pomegranate”

Since Dreamville’s neo-soul vocalist graced the scene last year with her debut Shea Butter Baby, Ari Lennox has immediately become a standout amongst her peers. She’s been relatively quiet this year but has preserved her presence with a handful of singles. This time,  the “BUSSIT” singer seems to be experimenting with a different layer of her sound with her latest release “Chocolate Pomegranate”.

In-house producer Elite incorporates the signature jazz brass in her music that sets up the song’s outro. What’s very interesting is the new territory he marks for her with an electro-funk production in this latest release. The talk-box effect here is very Zapp and Roger-esque making this an undeniable match for Lennox’s unique vocal delivery. Her lyrics describe a flame between two lovers that could wither away if they accept it for what it is. The mood suggests an alluring moment but it’s really a conversation that has their relationship status depending on it. 

“My love is deep, you’ll find / If you can’t reach, then please don’t waste my time at all”

The four-minute track takes its time milking every precious second until it ends. The metaphor behind the song title hints at a love much sweeter than the one they’ve touched on the surface. Lennox has a way of making slow-burners made for intimate moments that can last from sunset to sunrise, yet you never went to leave. 

“Chocolate Pomegranate” is another gem to add to Lennox’s impressive collection. Hopefully, this is a sign that a new full-length project is in the works. Recently, she hinted on Twitter that she’d be open to making a go-go album that would pay homage to her hometown’s sound. If this release proves anything, it’s that there are very few lanes that Lennox’s talent can’t find comfort within. Her debut made her a star but her next release could solidify her as a lasting name in music.

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