Ariane combines passion, love and 20th century technology in her latest single “VHS” [Video]

Ariane is a French-American singer/songwriter and fresh to the Los Angeles scene for an artist that has made music since 2019. Ariane has been spending her time time in isolation recording and working on music videos and that hard work shows in her latest single. Following on from the release of her previous single “Inconnu” earlier in 2020, Ariane has returned with a new single, “VHS“, a song that tackles the all too familiar subject of the first stages of love.

The song narrates the protagonist’s emotions towards a new romantic interest in the scenario of a second or third date. Ariane encapsulate that feeling of giddiness we have all experienced with first crushes by leaning towards a more nostalgic 80s sound with the classic synth and snare sounds along with 80s inspired chord progressions in the chorus.

Sonically, Ariane is influenced by Taylor Swift, which shows in the song. Ariane’s “VHS” sounds like an 80s synth-pop song pulled straight out of a Molly Ringwald movie. With the classic instrumentation you almost feel like you are brought back in time.

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