ARK IDENTITY Explores a deeper meaning in introspective dream-pop anthem “Atmosphere”

Those with a penchant for emotive, chilled and dreamlike indie bliss – should firmly put ARK IDENTITY on your musical radar – The new single, aptly named “Atmosphere” – establishes Noah’s talent in blending dream pop with psychedelic influences, reminiscent of acts like Cigarettes After Sex and Beach House.

It’s a track that immerses listeners in a reflective journey, exploring themes of change and the yearning for escape. Noah’s lyrics, “I really wanna float up into the atmosphere,” resonate with a universal desire for freedom and detachment from societal pressures. His ability to craft such vivid emotional landscapes is a testament to his introspective and expansive songwriting. He explains on the songwriting process –

“Atmosphere” symbolizes a wish to escape from the constant changes and pressures of life. The atmosphere serves as a metaphor for a place of freedom and detachment from society. I wrote Atmosphere back in 2016 on my acoustic guitar in a 30-minute songwriting burst.  While on a trip to California, I felt inspired to finally record it. I had texted my producer Philippe and it  turned out to be the most fun I’ve ever had working on a song.”

Inspired by a mix of iconic influences, including Tame Impala, Bon Iver, and The Beatles, Noah’s music as ARK IDENTITY is both introspective and inviting.

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