Arliston Unveil Heartfelt New Single “Monks of Lindisfarne” from Upcoming Album

South London duo Arliston, composed of Jack Ratcliffe and George Hasbury, embark on a new musical chapter with their latest single, “Monks of Lindisfarne,” from their upcoming album Disappointment Machine.

Draped in warm, analog production, “Monks of Lindisfarne” highlights Arliston’s storytelling prowess. The song delves into the heartache of romantic rejection with poetic elegance, with the lyrics and percussive beats capturing the anxious anticipation of sending a confessional message and awaiting a reply, evoking a sense of suspended time.

Ratcliffe explains the song’s title: “It’s a Peep Show reference. In the show, Jeremy claims he’s doing the ‘honorable’ thing by confessing his love for Mark’s girlfriend. Mark retorts, ‘No! An honorable man would have become a monk, or cut his nuts off, or gone to Morocco.’ This was one of many references I made in a panicked message, trying to say, ‘don’t worry if you don’t feel the same. I’ll just become one of the monks of Lindisfarne.'”

The song evolves from a folky guitar riff into a lush synth soundscape. George Hasbury reflects, “It started as a synth-based song but took a new direction with layered guitars, evolving into an 80’s synth chorus with strings adding sophistication.”

“Monks of Lindisfarne” invites listeners to reflect on their own romantic experiences while being captivated by its emotive soundscape, offering a poignant prelude to Disappointment Machine.

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