Armand Van Helden, Hervé and Solardo’s “Power of Bass” emerges from the archives

Four of house music’s past, present and future have collaborated on a track that, like the artists behind it, has made appearances outside of just today’s release. “Power of Bass” sees disco veteran and one-half of Duck Sauce Armand van Helden, Cheap Thrills boss Hervé and tech house duo Solardo‘s talents unite.

The internet is a funny place, exhibiting an unusual talent for the release of “Power of Bass.” The track, originally from van Helden and Hervé, premiered via Annie Mac’s BBC 1 radio show in 2014, with remixes and notoriety to follow. Now, it’s nearly impossible to find a record of that original track, sparing a few write ups. 

With or without this knowledge, this “Power of Bass” is still powerful in 2020. Classic elements of techno and house make their way forward to and in an impressively inspiring track. Its energy mimics in name, serving as a reminder that there is still room to create a demand for the dance floor in 2020.

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