Arrows unveils feel-good blues/rock single “To Your World”

From journalism and podcasting to making music, Arrows (aka David Britto) holds an emporium of talent within the music sector. Now, we are treated to his latest “To Your World,” featuring the vocals of Raghav Meattle. Holding universal relatability wrapped up in a sunshine ray of warming, uplifting energy, this is undoubtedly a feel-good single, perfect for any time you’re feeling down, in need of a boost of motivation, or simply a sonic pick-me-up.

“To Your World” is inspired by love and heartbreak and touches on moving away from a romantic relationship, but being drawn back in despite the toxicity or unhealthy situations circling it. The track is a warming reminder that there is more to life than a relationship and that there is always blue beyond the grey. The Bombay based artist explains, “Through the verses, I talk about wanting to shut the past down, while the chorus is me telling myself that there are more possibilities and new adventures to be had with life.” 

Aiming to give off a jam band feel, the single has a sense of community and togetherness, it’s easy to visualize the energy and life put into the making of the single. Giving off that live (yet studio) feel, the vibrant single has a nice collection of blues and rocky tones through the instrumentation. The analog touch makes this feel organic and natural, while the aura feels open, healing and reinforces the power of setting yourself free. With the fun, soulful vocals from Raghav Meattle, “To Your World” will have a smile on your face by the end of the energizing three minutes and 37 seconds.

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