Ascending lyricist, Kenny, delivers his long-awaited full length ‘Lord Help Them’

The music industry is a mysterious place. Those who may come off as stars to the public, could be total dweebs to the real players behind the scenes. Conversely, people the general public may have heard little about have contributed to many of your favorite hit records. With this notion, comes an industry buzz for that person’s solo work, to see if it matches up. Holed up in Las Vegas, Kenny, F.K.A. Kenny Relax, has that exact resume, and he proves why on his anticipated debut, Lord Help Them.

At 28-minutes, Lord Help Them is a lyrical exploration of the styles that have made Kenny in demand as a writer. Throughout the 10 tracks, Kenny does a brilliant job of establishing his commanding presence on each and every song. Armed with a voice that carries vocal tones that could stop a train, he utilizes this ability to help punctuate some of his more impressive one-liners, such as on the Kazzy Chase assisted, “Waps & Stoves.” On this one, the two absolutely spazz for 3-minutes straight, highlighted by infectious drill cadences and a clever nod to Jay-Z the hustler, not the rapper, on the chorus. 

Other standouts from the project include, “Still 2020,” “Left $tep” featuring J $tash and, “Pop It.” Featuring buzzing Las Vegas artist, Impact RH, “Pop It,” is a bubbly, easy-going record that finds the duo going back and forth over sunny production. With the summer on the horizon, a good video could propel this one into radio play more so than anything else. 

Undeniably, though, the best song on the project is its outro, “Therapy.” Throughout the rest of the album, Kenny spends most of its’ time showcasing the many different melodies and sounds that he’s quietly contributed over the years. But on, “Therapy,” it’s different. As the title suggests, Kenny uses the 5-minutes to completely get things off of his chest. Speaking on topics ranging from death dreams, new lifestyles, industry woes, and impending stardom, Kenny drops one of the best verses of the year, majors included, as he rounds out a very impressive debut album.

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