Ashley Kutcher releases catchy new pop track “Hands To Myself”

Pop singer Ashley Kutcher is a relatively new artist, but just seven songs into her career, she’s already becoming one of the most exciting new faces in pop music. Her most recent track, “Hands To Myself” features incredibly polished production and crisp, unwavering vocals that give the song its power. 

The Maryland native has a timeless voice but through her unique delivery feels especially modern. In this latest release, the repetitive phrase “hands to myself” acts as an immediate hook for listeners due to the level of passion she injects into it. “Hands To Myself” is about a desired love; she tells a story about a desired love that gradually seems more and more unrealistic. The story is straightforward, but the listener becomes enthralled by the catchiness of the music. It’s a polished, bouncy pop track that shows the potential Kutcher has to cross over into the mainstream. 

The rising singer is currently working on an EP and, if her most recent songs are any indication, she’ll be one to look out for in the coming months. 

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