Aslove teams up with Franky to deliver an infectious house single ‘Boom Boom’

French producer and multi-instrumentalist Aslove has delivered his first original single of 2020 “Boom Boom.” Teaming up with English songstress Franky, he has created a groovy house tune that will make you want to find the nearest dance-floor. 


In efforts to bridge the gap between dance and pop, “Boom Boom” features Yorkshire born artist Franky, and adds a fizzy pop element to the track with her cheeky topline. The production features a clean four on the floor beat, energetic piano and bouncy synths to carry the catchy melodies from beginning to end. Aslove’s production ensures each note hits with impactful energy and leaves listeners subconsciously singing the chorus even after the track ends. 

With it’s infectious spirit “Boom Boom” delivers a healthy dose of energy to all looking for that mid-day pick me up.

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