Assembler Code’s “Generator” is an electro must-have

Australia’s Assembler Code has released his newest EP, Generator, via UK label Censor Records. Consisting of four high-impact dance floor must-haves, DJ Mag named it the electro pick of the month in March’s “Essential Club Material” sector.

Following a string of quality releases alongside man-of-the-moment Jensen Interceptor, as well as some incredibly impressive solo EPs, there were high hopes for the Generator EP—and it doesn’t disappoint. The heavy bass and intense drums that we associate Brendan Zacharias with are the driving force behind opener “Monochrome,” with a sprinkle of those sci-fi elements being just enough to transport the listener to a different dimension. “Perimeter Inspection” offers quite a contrast to “Monochrome,” feeling slightly more stripped-back, subtle, and yet with the capacity to be just as heavy a hit in the club.

The EP’s title track “Generator” is straight to business. Made specifically for dark basements and late nights, it’s merciless to say the least. If the other tracks didn’t have you convinced (and they should), “Generator” alone is enough for the EP to be deserving of the electro pick of the month title. It has the makings of a classic that we’ll still be hearing a long way down the line. “Lateral Transfer” brings the EP to a close with saturated bass, fierce percussion, and all the bleeps and scratches one might hope for; it keeps the trademark Assembler Code sound whilst simultaneously cooling things off from the peak. A must have record for all lovers of electro.

Generator can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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