Atlanta’s BOREGARD. releases anticipated project, ‘Trustfall2’

2020 was a rough year for everybody involved, but it did have some positives, including the sheer amount of new music we were blessed with. Helping to pass the time while we’re all supposed to be locked up in the house, artists last year dropped at a rapid rate, with many new artists finding their way into more ears. One of those guys is Atlanta rapper, BOREGARD., who built a nice buzz in 2019 behind the back of his single, “Beyoncé Knows.” and followed it with his well-received project, Trustfall. Returning to the forefront with its anticipated sequel, he unleashes his enjoyable new album, Trustfall2.

At 8 songs, Trustfall2 is a brisk 20-minute listen that has incredible replay value. Featuring production from Ethan LambWill Hendrixs and more, the album finds BOREGARD. expressing an array of emotions that are highlighted by fear. Not just any fear, though, but fear of success. The album follows a clear theme of BOREGARD. speaking about loving the journey toward superstardom, though he’s afraid of what awaits them when he gets there. Calling on features from Jelani ImaniDavidTheTragicTom The Mailman and BBY KODIE, he also showcases his ability to standout amongst other notable names. On songs like, “Without Me,” and “Gluttony,” he shines within situations set up for the guests, while he doubles down on his solo tracks. Without a doubt, “Vintage Garments,” is the best song on the project, and perhaps in his discography.

In all, this album is both a very good introduction piece for new listeners, and a treat for his established fans. Taking his infectious sound to the next level, Trustfall2 is worth a listen. 

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