ÄTNA wants us to "Smile" [Video]

The German avant-pop duo ÄTNA is the epitome of quirkiness. A fact that is fully embodied in the visual for their single "Smile," which dives into the concept of general acceptance regardless if it's out of one's control or not, dwelling on self-purpose in this crazy world. The duo follows the unbeaten path with their edgy off-kilter pop-style that also takes elements from different genres with their own weird twist.

Lead vocalist Inéz sets the tone with her distorted and effect-heavy melodic runs that sometimes give off a deadpan feeling and at other times get animated. Singer/drummer Demian Kappenstein joins the fray on a similar note and the pair's highly accentuated vocals give the slow ballad an alien and uncanny aesthetic. The production is a vibe on its own with its nonconformist approach with a dynamic and offbeat arrangement, but the sense of urgency is constant throughout. The accompanying video clip directed by Snirt Blaercher and Philip Zeller is a visually striking, minimalist statement. The overall aesthetic reminds me of an 80s B-movie with its grainy texture and weird visual effects. It makes use of performance shots of the duo as they perform an expressive choreography. 

ÄTNA are creating groundbreaking avant-garde pop from scratch. They blend quite a number of genres together and twist them in their own unique manner. "Smile" is the solid follow-up to their last release, "Weirdo."

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