Audrey Nuna shares the audacious new single “damn right” [Video]

Korean-American vocalist Audrey Nuna shares her sleek new single “damn right”. Mixing R&B grooves with hip-hop inspo, the witty lyricist layers clever melodies punctuated with bold beats. Her vocals feel seductive, in an alluring sense. Nuna is performance is more captivating than ever and “damn right” is a must-see. 

Playing with trap-pop leaning melodies, Nuna is an icon in the making. Despite being only 21-years-old, “damn right” exhibits laidback flows rooted in a trajectory of an artist who knows exactly who she is. Delicately weaving her vocals amongst the intricate rhythms, the single is peppered with pure sass.

Matched with bold creative visuals, Nuna tells us, “It’s satire. I wrote this song about how much people love to talk shit,” explains Nuna. “I find it amusing when people spend time talking shit about people who don’t even know they exist. it’s a funny aspect of human nature. so I was around a whole lot of that energy around the time Nate (the producer of the song) and I met. we actually made “damn right” that same day – went to a corner cafe and I tried mole tacos for the first time. he made a majority of the beat in 10 minutes.”

For those unfamiliar with Audrey Nuna, then to put it quite frankly she’s fucking cool. Get on this hype. “damn right” is the first track from her forthcoming EP released later this year via Arista Records.

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