Aunz releases alluring visual for “I Dont Know?”

The DMV has an abundance of musical talent. Aunz is one of them, releasing a new alluring video for “I Dont Know?” filled with visual jewels.
“I Dont Know?” is a track from Aunz’ project Anzo 2, which includes 7 moving songs. Combining R&B, hip-hop, and soul, Aunz gives us something different yet beautiful, through both the production and the songwriting.
In just one minute and forty seven seconds, we enter visual scenes of different environments, such as a building and a field, immediately showing the versatile nature of Anuz. Further demonstrating his to be unique through his style and delivery, the passionate lyrics contain many intelligent rhymes and metaphors as he pours his raw emotions. For example, when he raps,  “heartless, but that I can never use my heart less,” we see a this brilliant piece of wordplay that undeniably sticks out. Produced by Mr. Allen, the interesting upbeat sounds that include catchy voices is the perfect blend to such powerful and impactful lyrics. Press play and feel the authenticity that Aunz radiates. 
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