Aussie artist Akurei shares his lo-fi pop EP “SEROTONIN” [Exclusive]

Australian lo-fi pop artist Akurei shares his blissful three-track EP SEROTONIN. The first of three EPs to be released this year, this is the first insight into the artist’s sugary sweet style.

Lead single “SEROTONIN” is an ode to the almighty ‘hangxiety’ after a night out. “I’m a sucker for peer pressure on a night out, [the track] is about the next day, when you don’t want to get out of bed” explains Akurei. Awash with layered beats and oscillating bass thuds, “SEROTONIN” is a placid tune perfected for zoning out of the real world for a short while.

With slow beats and steady rhythms, “COMATOSE” is a delightful listen. With free-flowing melodies, the track draws you in with its lo-fi pulses and muffled vocals. The almost whispering sounds soothe the listener with their delicate intricate details. Whilst “SUCKER” follows with its delicate guitar plucks laced throughout the track, the single provides the means of escapism through its carefree soundscapes. With a familiar youthful parallel to Lauv, the track exposes the almost formulaic ability of Akurei in creating a smooth, successful pop single.

Penned straight after his previous EP, SEROTONIN “came together in February” according to Akurei. “I took Maxwell (Golden Vessel) and Caleb (Emerson Leif) out to regional Queensland for three days to write music and be creative without any distractions. It was hugely refreshing and productive, we left with the bones of 6 songs. The SEROTONIN project is the first of a few I’ve got planned for the year. I wanted to share a few bite sized projects, and the three track format was an exciting idea to me. I’m looking forward to sharing a little more later this year.”

Akurei’s EP is a collection of tracks that are truly formidable. The worst thing about it? It’s only three tracks long. I’m ready to immerse myself into Akurei’s world and delve into the depths of his lo-fi intimacies. This is true bliss and the ultimate form of escapism.

SEROTONIN EP is released via SUMOCLIC Records.

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