Australian artist Miller Roberts reflects on heartbreak on delicate single, "Bad Habit"

Australian musician Miller Roberts drops delicate offering, “Bad Habit,” an intimate exploration on heartbreak underpinned by the soft vibes of an alternative folk sound. Miller’s gentle vocals layer over feathery light keys in this minimalistic production leading us through a painfully honest journey ringing with loneliness, fear and trepidation.

With a soft, lilting melody that brings acoustic folk and alternative pop together in a lullaby-like blend, Roberts opens up to her listeners on the personal offering delving into feeling misunderstood in a relationship. Allowing honesty to take the forefront, the track is drenched with an ethereal purity drawn from the young singer’s intricate artistry which has been five years in the making.

Written after a breakup during lockdown, “Bad Habit” is an intentionally simple ballad that simultaneously boasts a richly crafted slow burn soundscape. Specifically created by Roberts to try and understand the complexity of the heartbreak making itself known in her life, the track is a stripped back attempt to capture the honest and raw sincerity. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Roberts says, “Writing this song was a way for me to acknowledge and address the emotionally disengaged nature of my personal life in an effort to learn and grow. I am still on this journey, but I know I am growing along the way.”

Pulling pain straight from her heart and filtering it through her heartfelt lyricism, every word that the 25-year-old songwriter puts out into the world drips with conviction that grabs us and refuses to let go. The artist who grew up regularly performing impromptu musical numbers and sing-alongs with her four siblings has carefully guarded and grown her affection for the folk sound over the years.

Heavily inspired by her parent’s taste in folk music and allowing the influence of modern acts to expand her musicality, “Bad Habit”  finds its feet in authentic songwriting and ethereal vocals, marking Roberts as undeniable talent to keep on your radar.

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