Australian-Chinese musician JËVA takes us on a healing journey on pop EP 'Typhoon'

Australian-Chinese musician JËVA explores courageous identity on the new euphoric pop EP Typhoon—with tropical instrumentals and velvety vocals weaving uplifting vibes that belie the themes of unrequited love. With earworm melodies infused with subtle experimental elements, the EP takes a difficult emotional journey and flips into around with the strength of his feel-good soundscapes.

Opening with an anthemic yet hazy title track, JËVA’s easy voice blends into swirls of synths and slow beats before the melodic and sensual lilt of “Good Friends,” drives home the rising artist’s skill with witty lyricism. The lush, piano-led stylings of “Can I Get a Reply,” slows the tempo bringing the emotive nature of the EP to its peak.

The six-track collection offers its stand-out in the form of ballad-style “Possibility,” a minimal soundscape of pulsing beats layered over his soaring vocals.  In a perfect showcase of sonic versatility, gritty offering “Shady,” makes use of a groovy production with wispy, feather-light delivery which builds to a brilliant crescendo before calming things down with the soulful arrangement of “If You Asked,” ending the EP on another highlight.

Filled to the brim with nuanced soundscapes and cathartic explorations of love and self-image, JËVA takes us through the pain of defying his parents’ ‘white picket fence, wife and kids’ dream as well as the hope brought alive by learning to navigate and overcome his trauma.

Sonically influenced by a combination of 2010s R&B, 2nd generation K-Pop and Taylor Swift, Syndey boy Jeffrey Liu bloomed as JËVA, whose music is rooted in healing and learning to love yourself. On his sophomore EP, this emerging act offers the representation he wishes he had seen as a kid, wrapped up in the cosiness of catchy pop.

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