Avernian launches Empoisonné imprint with gritty EP from Petals

Avernian and Cressida have joined forces to release a new EP, Input, under their Petals alias. Input also marks the first release on Avernian’s new imprint — Empoisonné — making this an extra special one. It’s raw, fierce and industrial, with a wicked remix from Peder Mannerfelt on the B-side.

RAW · Premiere: Petals – Input [EMPOIS001]

Title track “Input” gets things off to a heavy start, with the energy building until things reach boiling point. Plenty of pace and intensely percussive moments give “Input” a gritty edge, making this one perfect for peak-time warehouse moments. Coming full circle, Peder Mannerfelt rounds out the EP with a remix of the title track, somehow managing to make things even rawer than the original. A breakdown filled with crackling static gives the remix an eerie edge; losing the original’s relentlessness, in exchange gives us a remix that’s a million miles away from the original. “Genetics” sounds like something straight from the other side of the apocalypse. It’s weighty, unabating and has drums of steel  —listen at your own risk, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Petals’ sound takes a u-turn in “Deficit,” which is a personal favourite on the release. Stepping away from a wholly industrial sound, the track is submerged in acidic 303s, and strays more into breakbeat territory than straight four-to-the-floor. Despite minimising the industrial sound, make no mistakes — “Deficit” is easily as ferocious as its predecessors, and will be causing carnage on dancefloors everywhere when the time comes. It’s straight-to-the-point rave music, through and through.

Input can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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