AVIV drops a message of yearning in "love of your life"

Indie pop artist AVIV is only 15 years old, but she exudes a raw talent for songwriting that is far beyond her years. After releasing a string of singles earlier this year, the artist returns with her new track “love of your life,” which is all about young love, mismatched relationships, and navigating your way through disillusionment and disappointment. This is nothing new for AVIV, who is known for her vulnerable songwriting where she reflects on pivotal life experiences and deep-seated emotions for a healing and cathartic release. 

In “love of your life,” the singer/songwriter shares a message of longing that most of us know so well. Written in a sensitive light, AVIV narrates a story where her partner tells her the words she wants to hear in order to make her stay in an unsatisfying relationship. Lyrics such as “You try to act so tough, but you don’t understand that I’ve had enough,” and “You tell me that I’m the love of your life, guess I’ll stay another night,” provide a vivid image of a rollercoaster relationship, where AVIV is riding the highs to escape the lows. Featuring earnest lyricism and romantic inspired instrumentation complete with airy synths, soft vocals and light strums of the guitar, the song is relatable, honest, and dipped in a deep sense of melancholia.

As a young artist on the rise, AVIV makes music that resonates with her generation, offering songs that make others feel less alone through her transparent emotions and stripped-down storytelling. She admits, “Music became a way to convey my emotions. Since I won’t even talk to my friends about a lot of these things, it’s an outlet for me to talk about things I don’t talk about.”

With more music to come, we can't wait to hear what's next for this talented up-and-comer. Listen to “love of your life” and know that love is a process where we grow through our tough experiences.

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