AVIV’s "Black Coffee" (feat. OCTAVIO the Dweeb) is hopeful when relationships are lost

Fifteen-year-old indie pop prodigy AVIV is best known for her unabashed and heartfelt music which radiates with thoughtfulness, honesty and raw emotion. The singer-songwriter has a distinct way of inspiring nostalgia and memories of youth, while at the same time displaying sonic and thematic concepts far beyond her years.

AVIV recently teamed up with OCTAVIO the Dweeb for a remix of the indie songwriter’s recent hit, “Black Coffee.” Thematically, the song explores one of the many effects of the pandemic, this one being the loss of close friends and romantic partners, as the pandemic brought on many unexpected changes which created distance and isolation.

AVIV confides, “with COVID, a lot of my friendships and my friends’ romantic relationships just came to a full stop,” she observes. “People drifted. When you pour out your cup of black coffee, there are all of these grains in the bottom that stay there. Those grains are all of the things that could’ve been pursued, but the cup was already poured out. That’s the deeper meaning.” In the new remix, AVIV’s warm and dreamy vocals drift atop a hopeful and lighthearted melody, making you feel slight undertones of loss intertwined with acceptance of a new chapter in life and gratitude for those who have come and gone. OCTAVIO the Dweeb adds a layer of depth to the track, bringing an element of passion, candidness, and distinct vocals that make the song feel more like a conversation between the two artists. The music is pictorial, with glossy soundscapes and breezy guitar that leave much of the song open to the listener’s imagination and unique experience.

AVIV is a Toronto singer, songwriter, and multi- instrumentalist who in her teenage years has proved herself as an emerging talent to watch. Inspired by artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Radiohead, she incorporates sounds of the old and new to form her own authentic vision. The artist states, “if my song takes you somewhere emotional, there’s nothing better to me. Or, if it makes you answer a question you’ve had about your life, that would be amazing. My songs make me answer my own questions. When I release them, I hope they do the same thing for you.”

Check out AVIV’s Black Coffee (feat. OCTAVIO the Dweeb) here and remember to cherish the people in your life because sometimes our time together is short. 

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Connect with OCTAVIO the Dweeb:  Twitter | Instagram