$avvy releases long time live favorite and new album teaser, “booyah!”

Local prodigy, Nashville’s favorite it-boy $avvy is back teasing the next era with a new single, “booyah!”

A drone-central groove filled with effects and samples that run in the track like bunnies on the loose, “booyah!” captures the essence of $avvy’s performances alongside his one-of-a-kind hip-hop collective, Dadabase. Relentlessly infusing fashion, community, visual arts and various musical genres, Dadabase never fails to deliver a breath of fresh air to the Music City with every one of their highly curated events. Like its name, “booyah!” is a defiant announcement of the collective and its frontman’s poignant presence in the Nashville indie scene.

Operating on a ’90s-inspired tempo and flow, $avvy dashes out one reference after another, from his trusted confidant 303jac‘s new hair to the growing establishment of Dadabase. With motifs and imageries from trophies to a fluffy bunny hat, $avvy uses “booyah!” to introduce and tease the coming album of the young prodigy, sets to follow the success of POOR and Boys Wear Pearls.

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