Awkward Z drops “Fuego” in new release

Awkward Z has been one of the most prolific hitmakers in Ireland and he continues this hot streak on his latest release “Fuego.” 

Awkward Z really solidified his position in the Irish music scene with the release of his What’s Next? EP in 2019. He started 2020 with a continuation of that momentum and the chemistry between the rapper and producer Prod. 60 on this latest release hits new heights. The Latin influence of “Fuego” can be heard across both the sonics and lyrics. The acoustic guitar-driven melody is supported by a hard-hitting trap drum to lay a perfect playing field for him to unleash. The flows in the vocals are impeccable and are a clear high point.

Awkward Z’s pen game is never in doubt and he puts it beyond question with this one. The tinge of auto-tune adds an element of melody that is unmissable and unique to this record. The chorus provides a huge moment of uplifting energy a he shines through with an amazing hook. The chorus is catchy but potent; a truly masterful performance from Awkward Z.

Awkward Z has proven himself to be an asset to the hip-hop scene in Ireland. He brings a different vibe to every track he jumps on. His diverse sound palette cuts through the common noise you hear from this island in terms of hip-hop. 

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