AYAKO knows there is “Something About You” in new single

Japanese-American soulful singer-songwriter AYAKO returns with a new downtempo dark pop single. Called “Something About You”, the track follows her collaborative single “Rise” released earlier this year.

On “Something About You”, AYAKO recalls an evening where she fell hard for a mysterious man. Lyrics including “I wonder if you will ever look my way / With my eyes wide shut can’t look away / There is something about you / I don’t really know you / But there is something about you”, paint a picture of her becoming transfixed by this new man and all of his essence. Passion can be a complicated emotion, and AYAKO highlights how our mind can imagine various close desirable scenarios even with a complete stranger. Sonically, the track features seductive vocals that scream lust and fervor. Dark beats and layered cinematic synths swell under AYAKO’s soul-drenched melodies making for an intriguing sonic experience. “Something About You” is a decadent blend of trip hop, R&B and pop.

Tokyo-born AYAKO is an exciting new artist on the rise who sings in both English and Japanese. At the young age of 16, she was scouted in her home country to perform in a popular J-Pop group. Soon wanting more autonomy, the artist moved to Los Angeles to study music as a young adult full time. Inspired by the likes of Alicia Keys and Utada Hikaru, AYAKO crafts her own unique genre-bending music that is rooted in visual storytelling. Take a listen to AYAKO’s “Something About You Now” and enjoy a night of mystery and desire.

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