Ayelle shares emotive RnB gem “Get Away”

Swedish-Iranian Nu-R’n’B songwriter and singer Ayelle has released her new gentle sounding yet groundbreaking R’n’B track “Get Away.” Best known for her bittersweet and compelling vocals, Ayelle’s sound is drawn up from life experiences, exploring topics of self-worth, power dynamics with relationships and challenging the status quo. From growing up in Sweden and Spain, Ayelle continued to pursue music in London where she came to the spotlight. 

“Get Away” is a track that breaks down soulful lyrical content with ground breaking vocal production from Swedish producer Pontus Persson. The track forms part of the singer’s upcoming project shadowselfluv – a space for merging shadow work with self love.

Speaking on the new single, Ayelle writes “I wrote ‘Get Away’ from a place of frustration about the repeating patterns in my life and how I can’t ever seem to stay in one place. It actually started out as a letter to the music industry and the way I’d been pouring myself into my work yet feeling like it was never enough, then those feelings merged with that of a recent break up and I realized that I sometimes feel similarly about my romantic relationships as I have with the music industry – like I’m pouring all of my energy into something or someone until I reach a breaking point and have to step away from it all, or continue forward in a new direction, in search of replenishing my energy and restoring balance to my life.” 

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