AYELLE turns frustration into acceptance on “Breaking & Healing” [Video]

R&B songwriter AYELLE unveils the introspective new single “Breaking & Healing”-  a dedication to the often bumpy ride of healing- and delivers a stellar performance, once again.

Textured with sultry R&B rhythms, the single navigates through the unfamiliar waters of bittersweetness. The healing process feels like it should be a simple journey of getting better and returning to a familiar state of feeling, yet curveballs are often thrown and the journey becomes a variety of detours and stop-offs before finally reaching its destination. “I wrote ‘Breaking & Healing’ as I was coming to terms with the concept that healing isn’t linear,” she explains, “I was getting frustrated with myself because it felt as if I was always taking one step forward and two steps back”.

Floating through the airwaves with a celestial quality, “Breaking & Healing” pulls on the heartstrings and leans into the relatability of the human experience. Channelling her frustration into acceptance, AYELLE’s self-compassion shines through the rising guitar tones and hushed drum patterns. Paired with her hypnotic vocals, the featherweight soundscape captivates listeners with its intensity. Pouring her emotions into the track, “Breaking & Healing” showcases a vulnerable artist helping others to forgive discover their own resilience.

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