B-âhwe releases extraordinary debut EP ‘Nuance’

B-âhwe has officially arrived. After some tantalizing preview singles, the Leeds-based artist has released a mesmerizing debut EP Nuance. The title is absolutely fitting for the project as she tastefully delves into sophisticated musical and lyrical terrain throughout the nine tracks. B-âhwe establishes a truly unique sound for her music with pulsing grooves, lush harmonies, and poignant vocals that fall somewhere in the realm of Hiatus Kaioyte‘s Nai Palm and Portishead‘s Beth Gibbons. With soulful vulnerability, Nuance follows her journey towards finding and accepting a sense of self-worth and is paired with striking instrumental flourishes that accentuate the EP’s honest and introspective disposition.

B-âhwe sets the stage for the EP with the brief but beautiful introductory track “Finding Your Heaven” that features shimmering soundscapes and touching vocal melodies, communicating a palpable sense of self-exploration. The tracks “Sweet” and “Closer” also appear early in the set, and even though they were previously released as singles, both have new meaning when heard in the context of the EP. The intricate harmonies and captivating vocal delivery on each provide new levels of depth on repeated listens.

While much of the EP keeps with the tone of smooth, understated vibes, the track “Sliding” stands out from the pack with its more aggressive style and intro riffs that should make it a favorite of live sets, whenever they might return. Perhaps the most adventurous track in its harmonies and arrangement, B-âhwe and her band flex their musical chops with seemingly effortless delivery, taking the EP to new heights.

The latter half of Nuance finds B-âhwe showcasing more of her versatility with spoken word verses on “Suspended” and “Waters New” that are reminiscent of Kate Tempest, a stunning expressive build on “Cruise,” and more inventive use of complex harmonies and arranging made to sound simple on “Take It.”

By the end of the EP, listeners will be floored by the abundant talent and spellbinding themes delivered without pause from beginning to end. Along with the stellar skills in musicality and production, B-âhwe proves on Nuance to have an original style of writing and performing that will make her future in music one to watch closely.

Nuance is available to stream or download here.

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