Baby Queen supplies just the right “Medicine” on addicting alt-pop gem

London-via-South Africa alt-pop titan Bella Latham, better known as Baby Queen, recently shared just her third single ever with “Medicine.” Integrating hazy alt-pop and off kilter grunge-pop along with snarky confessional lyricism, Baby Queen has burst onto the scene with a rejuvenating and engrossing sound.

The 23-year-old’s new single “Medicine” is a massively sounding endeavor fringing the sonic contours of anti-pop and hyperpop. Beyond aural labels, the multi-instrumentalist’s grand resonance is a force to reckon with. “Medicine” is a scorching pop satire narratively leaning on the disillusionment of Gen Z and the singer’s own relationships with antidepressants. Like self-medicating, Baby Queen’s “Medicine” is downright addicting and intoxicating. On only her third single to date, Baby Queen gives listeners a foretaste of the dark intimacy behind her unreserved songwriting.

Over email, Baby Queen shared this of her new song, “It’s about a tangle of mental health and navigating your way through this world, whilst being so unhappy and equally disillusioned with the cyber landscape that we are forced to live inside, and the different ways people might numb themselves, or try to find a place where they can exist in amongst all of this fucking chaos.”

“Medicine” followers her earlier 2020 singles “Buzzkill” and “Internet Religion.” Baby Queen is set to release her debut EP later this year via Polydor Records.

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