Backwood Brat checks in with her anticipated debut, 'Give n' Take'

Throughout the last few years, Los Angeles has firmly re-established its' presence among all levels of hip-hop. Though mainstream acts like Kendrick Lamar and others kept the city alive, there seemed to be a stagnant period of breaking local acts at home. That was until 03 Greedo and Drakeo The Ruler broke the barriers, initiating a flood of home grown acts like Shoreline Mafia, Rucci, 1TakeJay and Blxst, leading to a renaissance in the city. After persevering through controversy, Backwood Brat has established herself as an artist to watch, as she unveils her anticipated full-length debut, Give n' Take.

Clocking in at 16-songs, Give n' Take is a jam-packed album that finds Backwood showcasing her array of talents over the 42-minute affair. Recognized for her nonchalant attitude and her aggressive lyrics, she decides to double down on those qualities, making for a high-octane ride. On songs like, "In My Bag," "Ooo Yeah" and, "Why U So Mad" she leans into those notions, staying boastful while simultaneously proving her prowess, stringing together engaging melodies and one-liners that are sure to pump the listener up. 

While the up-tempo songs are surely what her fans came for, some of her more impressive work shows up when she switches her style up a little. On, "Battlewounds," she sounds almost unrecognizable, as she infectiously croons about emotional scars over the fluid production. Likewise on records like, "Changes," and, "I do," which feature her Treacherous Records teammates Daymo and P1, respectively, she allows herself to explore her creative boundaries, making for some progressive records. 

Be sure to take a listen to the project above and get familiar with Backwood Brat, one of Los Angeles' newest exports. 

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