Backyard Band on Longevity, Roots Picnic, ‘The Wire’, and More [Interview]

When it comes to performers keeping the signature DC sound alive and growing throughout generations, none compare to the legendary Backyard Band. Even before they hit the stage, you can tell their love for the District is undeniable. That’s one of the first things that founding member Big G attested to once we began our exclusive interview at Roots Picnic.

“We rep [all of DC] because all parts of the city come to see our band and it’s been like that for a long time.”

Over four decades and growing strong to be exact. Since the early 1990s, the collective has slowly become one of the city’s most prolific musical figures. A feat that the Backyard Band credits to their consistency and longtime fan support.

Their second consecutive Roots Picnic appearance comes after the massive response received by the previous year’s crowd. So this year, they returned once again to bring their regional sound to Philly. Their ability to clash with other genres to season it with their own go-go flavor is a formula that keeps the crowd rocking from start to finish. This time, their set was taken to another level, adding in veteran R&B singer Amerie and legendary Houston rapper Scarface to perform. The addition of the Geto Boys frontman is something that percussion player Sauce says comes from a longtime relationship with DC and Scarface’s love for go-go music.

“It started from his love for the music. We [always] stayed consistent with him… [now], we’re like his personal band whenever he’s in the city. It’s a blessing to be onstage with one of my favorite rappers.”

Watch our exclusive interview with the Backyard Band as we talk about their success, Big G’s 20 year anniversary of his appearance on “The Wire”, and more below:

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