BAD air their “Dirty Laundry” in animated new single 

BAD unveil their vibrant new single “Dirty Laundry.” The candid track details revealing your most intimate secrets in a relationship, despite however much weight they carry. This familiar narrative is something that we can all relate to and resonates deeply with listeners going through a similar situation. 

New York-based BAD is singer Julia Brex and multi-instrumentalist Jackson Hoffman. The two have formed a strong bond and unique sound, encompassing funk-fueled melodies, delicious indie pop soundscapes and truly infectious choruses. Reminiscent of David Bowie meets Janelle Monae, BAD have concocted a bold style, radiating positivity. Their use of big brass arrangements and layered beats emit a sound which challenges anyone to try and sit still. 

The duo share in their press release in regards to the inspiration behind the song, “We all have baggage that we carry with us, so before you get too deep into a relationship with someone, you want to make sure they can handle all of the parts of you.” BAD are encouraging others to rid that weight from your shoulders and air your dirty laundry.

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