Bag Raiders release first new music in 3 years and launch record label Broken Head Records

Esteemed dance music stars Bag Raiders return today with their first new music in three years, the wistful “UR Heart.” With the release comes the announcement of their new label venture, Broken Head Records.

The project of Jack Glass and Chris Stracey as Bag Raiders, their latest release sees the duo pivot from the joyful hedonism of their back catalogue to serve a dexterous and sweeping cut of melancholic exhilaration. Channelling the percussive rapture of Bicep and Caribou, “UR Heart” is heavy with looming subs, pitched up, down and around vocal samples and arpeggiating bass, inspired by the shared emotions and collective release forged across dancefloor communities. Be it in the vein of long-lost love, newfound friendships or an internal moment of realisation, Bag Raiders cater to all.

Speaking on the release, the duo share “This is the first in a long line of new material. It’s been super refreshing for us to turn our gaze squarely back on the dance floor and make music that doesn’t overthink it and just aims to get the legs moving and the blood pumping.”

With their eyes firmly set on the future, Bag Raiders are elated to announce their new label, Broken Head Records. Born from distinctly simple origins, freedom, fun and community lie at the core of the label’s ethos. Jack shares, “It’s about freedom, more freedom, less rules and more fun.” Through Broken Head Records, the two tease a steady stream of club-based music. “It’s really helped us to fall in love with music again,” Chris adds with excitement. “We started in clubs and this new chapter is all about DJ sets, sweaty clubs and festivals.

Not many artists have had an immense effect on the youth of today quite like Bag Raiders. Whether that be soundtracking many a sweaty night on a dancefloor, sing-a-longs at some of the biggest festivals in the world, or even becoming the anthem to one of the most iconic moments in the internet’s history, the electronic duo have done it all and are ready for more. Their place as stalwarts in the dance community for over a decade comes after releasing a slew of cult-favourite singles and signing to dance-powerhouse Modular Records, which saw the duo release their debut self-titled record in 2010. With their next chapter upon us, Bag Raidersare hungrier, more creative and ecstatic about what will come next.

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