Bailey Lau expands production discography with Zzz.’s ‘A Gift and a Curse’

Bailey Lau‘s production work on Zzz.‘s A Gift and A Curse finds him breaking new ground as a producer and expanding his sound into refreshing territory. Growing up, Lau’s exposure to music was confined to country and indie genres until his brother introduced him to rap. He was instantly captivated, and his fascination with music production blossomed from there. In his formative days as a producer, Lau faced several hurdles, including the absence of a thriving music scene in his hometown and a global pandemic that forced him into isolation. Nonetheless, his determination and work ethic carried him through as he taught himself the intricacies of FL Studio on his brother’s old laptop, and he ended up building a burgeoning discography that caught the attention of major artists like SoFaygo, Zzz., and more. Lau worked closely with SoFayGo on his album Pink Heartz, which was showcased on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Apple Music’s Up Next. Additionally, Lau’s music has been performed live at major festivals, including Rolling Loud LA, Rolling Loud Toronto, and Summer Smash Festival. Always working to expand his production discography and experiment with new sounds, his work on Zzz.’s A Gift and A Curse is exemplary of his vibrant sound and innate knack for versatile production choices.

“Mile High” opens up the 2-pack with an atmospheric instrumental containing resonant, cloudy guitars, expansive backing vocals, and airy percussion. Suitable for Zzz.’s dexterous, light-footed delivery, the production finds Lau and Zzz. displaying a natural chemistry that translates well into the song’s effortlessly smooth feel. Next, “How Does It Feel” follows up with a summery, mercurial backdrop built around warm, plucked guitars, rich bass, and crisp snapping percussion. Building dynamically into an explosive hook, the song showcases Lau’s focus as a songwriter and producer while pairing his soundscape sleekly with Zzz.’s emotive delivery.

Overall, A Gift And a Curse finds Lau exploring new territory while providing a diverse set of instrumentals suitable for Zzz.’s poignant vocals. It showcases the producer’s sharply-crafted, versatile style and well thought-out production choices, making for a character-rich two pack that expands his production discography further.

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