BAINS. enlists Isaac Zale for “Da’Shade (Remix)”

Vancouver rapper BAINS. has released a bouncy new remix of his song Da’Shade, featuring Isaac Zale.

While BAINS. tackled the original version of “Da’Shade” alone, this time he has brought on fellow Vancouver rapper Isaac Zale to take the energy to a whole new level. For the remix of “Da’Shade”, the two rappers come through with some memorable, energetic verses over a stylish instrumental. The beat contains dark, warm guitars and triumphant trumpets, with head knocking drums and bouncy 808s locking in the rhythm underneath. Unlike the original, the remix features BAINS. and Zale trading off fiery, catchy verses in a rapid fashion, making for an adrenaline fuelled cut. Overall, the song’s energy is intense yet playful, making for an engaging listen. Moreover, “Da’Shade (Remix)” has much replay value, keeping one hooked from the get-go. 

All in all, this remix is powerful and punchy, providing a strong rendition of the original. Both BAINS. and Isaac Zale come through with energetic verses that beckon one to keep this track on repeat. Furthermore, the two rappers seem to have natural chemistry, one can hope that this will lead to more collaborations in the future between them.

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