BANNERS pays ode to his home city on euphoric track “The Best View In Liverpool”

Liverpool based award-winning singer-songwriter Michael Nelson, aka BANNERS pays ode to his home city on anthemic offering “The Best View In Liverpool,” which comes alive with its expansive and immersive sonic textures.

Rooted in a charming appreciation of the comfort that being around the sights and people you love brings you, the euphoric number layers compelling vocal lines over a soaring and vibrant soundscape to captivate us as one of his most progressive outings.

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Speaking of the inspirtation behind the track, he says, “I live in a place that has loads of beautiful bits. Some of the beauty is the stuff you put on postcards and is recognizable all over the world. Some of it is the type of beauty that you’d only see if you were born here. But there’s nothing more beautiful than being with people you love. So the best view is wherever they are.”

Following a prolific year of releases, BANNERS continues to take us on personable and warming journeys that focus on friends, family and love, offering us solace when we need it most.

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