BARBUDO drop Wham! reminiscent vintage disco track “Sunshine”

BARBUDO are back with a sleek little tune ensuring we all get our vitamin D. “Sunshine” is their latest track giving us tropical vibes and feel-good, relaxing frequencies. Inspired by Wham!’s  “Everything She Wants,” this laid-back single feels timeless and fresh combining classic vintage synths with a zesty modern twist.

Warm sunshine, rolling beach waves, maybe a cocktail to hand… sounds good right? “Sunshine” embodies everything about that last sentence and more. With exotic drums flowing through 80’s style keyboard motifs and a tornado of guitar effects, the track comes in with a subtle hypnotic effect. The glow of disco comes through under the paradise of rhythms with a good lashing of backing vocals and unrestrained vocal runs oozing sauce and confidence. The duo share, “We love the sounds of the late ’70s and early ’80s and try to put our own spin on that era too.”

Visions of cocktails, fake news, and a little grooving all took part in the creation of “Sunshine.” The brothers explain, “Lyrically, Sunshine is about the feeling of losing faith in things you placed trust in. It was written at a time when there was a lot of focus on misinformation and ‘fake news’ so we decided to make Sunshine about this topic.” Their songs are written to reflect on experiences affected by time and place, with the intention to allow listeners to interpret them in a variety of ways. Resulting in relatable anthems for the youths of today, it’s quite clear that BARBUDO can do no wrong. So grab your sunglasses, sit back and soak in the “Sunshine.”

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