Bare Jams delve into creating our own safe space on “Rockets”

Bristol/London based six-piece Bare Jams delves into the idea that we create our own safe space in the world on uplifting genre-blended track “Rockets,” which brings their trademark energetic soul-pop sound with reggae touches to life.

Striking a delicate balance between an upbeat melody and a serious message on negativity, echo chambers, fake news, and the evils of money and corruption, the track makes use of a stark contrast to imbue hope within us that we are capable of taking power back and finding our freedom.

Described as “a homage to positive perception and optimism,” “Rockets” delivers a much-needed reminder that all is not lost, and that we can still achieve our desired dreams and outcomes if we try.

Consisting of Ollie, Sam, Dave, Josh, Seb, and Jake, the band have transformed from a gang of gig goers and music lovers to a fully-fledged collective that delivers the positive reinforcement we need in our lives wrapped up in addictive sonics.

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