Baseball Game “See You Tomorrow” in new single

Baseball Game is the creative partnership of LA/Nashville musicians Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett. Though playing just one rehearsal show at a local bar before diving into recording their debut self-titled EP, the band’s instinctual and tender performance on new single “See You Tomorrow” demonstrates their seasoned artistry and exciting potential.


“See You Tomorrow” taps into nostalgic soft rock and easygoing indie vibes as gentle guitar riffs complement engaging vocal melodies. The track is intimate and gentle, perfect for a summer drive or a slow dance. Lyrically, “See You Tomorrow” explores the impact that loved ones have on our lives and how much we change after losing their presence. As the band explains, “this song takes place a couple months after losing someone and wondering what it would be like to see them again.” Baseball Game succeeds in capturing this complicated emotion and the band demonstrates restraint and understanding as they tackle the subject matter with empathy while offering a sense of optimism and acceptance. Ultimately, laid back instrumentation and vulnerable lyrics coalesce to create an ear-pleasing track.

Catch Baseball Game’s self-titled debut EP out August 7.

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